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Your Premium Personal Mobilty Device Segway MiniPLUS

What is this product?

The Segway MiniPLUS is like having your own personal robot pet. The premium technology extended functionalities and sleek design make the MiniPLUS the most advanced model within the Segway miniseries. If are looking for high-tech quality and outstanding performance, this is for you!

How does this work?

The self-balancing Segway miniPLUS can speed up to 20km/h and is backed with premium technology for increased stability.

And when you’re not riding and need to have your hands free just take your remote control, turn on the follow mode and have your Segway miniPLUS follow you along the way. It literally follows you, how cool is that.

Make it carry your grocery or walk your dog while you have your handsfree or use it to even make your own music video!

Who can ride this?

Like almost everyone with the age range of 16-60 years and maximum weight of 100kg, the Ninebot by Segway MiniPLUS cater almost to everyone.

Where can I even use this? 

Go hands free with a maximum of 35 km range. In addition, miniPLUS can travel on foot paths, and over humps (lower than 15 degree). MiniPLUS is equipped with a high battery protection (IPX7) that allows for usage under all weather conditions. It can be even pushed into trains and most shopping malls in Singapore. 

When can you use this?

The Segway miniPLUS can take you effortlessly to places you didn’t think were within your range Show it off to your friends as you travel in style for daily journey. 

Still not convinced? Here’s some bonus Points when you own a Segway miniPLUS.

Built -in speaker 
You get to record your personal warning messages and commands.

IP54 and IPX7 rated protection 
Ride safely in all weather conditions

Large pneumatic tires 
For a comfortable ride on a bumpy road 

Knee control bar 
For precise steering and easy lifting 

LED headlight and ambient lights 
Be seen and stay safe in low light conditions 

Ninebot by Segway app.
Meet your friends, check statistics, stay in control of your device with an anti-theft feature and control the lights’ colour from the app itself, it is as easy as that.

Remote control 
Control the Segway MiniPLUS movements or even make it follow you independently. 

Storage compartment 
Store the accessories of the robot when not using and don’t worry about misplacing it.


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