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Buying an E-Scooter in Singapore? Check out the Ninebot by Segway ES2

Too many kick Scooters in market? Can’t decide which one is worth it? The new Ninebots by Segway kick Scooter ES2 (E-Scooter) is going to change that!

ES2 is a Smart and comfortable way to travel in the Rush hours.

It goes up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h and even comes with a CRUISE CONTROL FUNCTION for your convenience. Fear not for your safety!

The ES2 stands out from its competitors by providing a front and rear wheel shock absorption which would provide maximum rider comfort, and the anti-lock mechanical and electrical brakes will ensure a safe braking distance.

You can include an optional second battery which would expand the maximum range to 45 km!

With the ES2 only weighing 12.5 kg carry it with ease into buildings and public transport.

What else you may ask?

Well folks! ES2’s eco-friendly energy recovery system makes sure no power will go to waste during your ride, while the Smart Battery Management System closely monitors battery performance.

You can even stand out from the crowd as the ES2’s sleek design and its customizable colourful ambient lights through its app!

Woah.. the ES2 has an app? Yes, it does!

Ninebots APP

  • Lock your ES2 with the anti-theft function
  • Get diagnostics about the vehicle condition
  • Check your statistics
  • Learn how to ride your vehicle
  • Download the latest Firmware
  • Social Network Platform
  • Use personal defined settings and change LED lights


ES2 Scooter

Buy Now @ $799