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The ES2 Kickscooter

Singapore's only official exclusive importer and distributor for Segway and Ninebot personal transporters!

To enhance the fire and electrical safety of motorised PMDs for the safety of the owner and the general public, LTA intends to prohibit retailers from selling motorised PMDs which are not UL 2272 compliant from July 2019.
As an appointed distributor of Segway/Ninebot product since year 2009, Gogreen Holdings Pte Ltd is proud to announce that all our motorised PMDs are UL 2272 certified.

The Segway Singapore staff were very courteous and professional. They took a lot of care to explain the details and workings of the products to me. Thank you!

- Janet Lee

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A greener way to explore Singapore

GOGREEN HOLDINGS INTRODUCES NEW DOCKLESS ELECTRIC SCOOTER WITH SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE BY JACKIE CHAN!  Today, Gogreen Holdings unveiled its pilot dockless scooter sharing program, the first of its kind in the country, at One Fullerton. With international superstar, Mr. Jackie Chan at the launch to hop on one of its first scooters, the Gogreen powered …

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Gogreen Holdings Pte Ltd (Segway Singapore) announces corporate fleet solution for last mile fulfiment with a wide range of Segway e-mobility selection. 

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Segway Electric KickScooter ES2 VS Inokim Light 2

Still can’t decide which one to get? Not sure which will be worth it? Don’t Worry we got you!
Here’s why Segway Electric Kickscooter ES2 would change your mind!

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Segway Electric Kickscooter ES2 VS Speedway III

Here’s why Segway Electric Kickscooter ES2 stands out of the clear winner!
Cruise Control
Tired of holding down the acceleration button? Effortlessly use the convenient cruise control function, which is available on the Segway ES2. Comfortably travel long distance with Segway ES2, without tiring your hands out…

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One of the must things to do when exploring Sentosa!

Sentosa is one of Singapore’s main attraction site. Especially its beach area. However, tourist often find themselves tired walking down the route along the beaches. Why not have a personal transporter to help take the tiredness away? Or better yet why not use a Segway Personal transporter to explore around? Explore the beautiful beaches of …

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